St Catharine's College Music Society presents...

    Svrsvm Corda

    20:00, Fri 29th January 2010 at West Road Concert Hall
    Lent Week 2

    This new and exciting opera has been written by Benjamin Cox to an original libretto by Edward Herring. The emotional and tragic story tells the life of Catherine of Alexandria. At the mere age of 17, Catherine sees a vision of herself being betrothed to Christ and so begins to preach Christianity in pagan Alexandria. In doing so, she attracts the attentions of the Roman Emperor Maxentius who tries to disgrace her faith publicly. When this fails, Maxentius resorts to more and more brutal methods to turn Catherine to his views, sacrificing his wife and his most loyal advisor in his quest for dominance over Catherine.


    Production Team

    Composer and Conductor –
    Libretto –
    Technical Director