And Then There Were None
    By Agatha Christie

    19:00, Thu 17th – Sat 19th November 2011 at Newnham Old Labs
    Michaelmas Week 6

    ‘Ten little soldier boys
    Went out to dine
    One choked his little self
    And then there were Nine.’

    The year is 1939 and ten strangers have gathered in the living-room of the only house on Soldier Island. Shortly after their arrival, it becomes clear that things are not quite as they supposed; has anyone actually met their mysterious hosts? A storm rages outside, preventing contact with the mainland just as the guests begin to be murdered, one by one, according to a macabre nursery rhyme. Will any of the ten leave the island alive?

    Performed in the isolated Newnham Old Labs, this intimate production will transport the audience to the island where they will experience the confusion, realisation, guilt and terror of the guests of this unknown madman.


    Fanny Narracot
    Mrs Rogers
    Vera Claythorne
    Captain Lombard
    Anthea Marston
    William Blore
    Lady Mackenzie
    Emily Brent
    Sir Lawrence Wargrave
    Dr Armstrong

    Production Team

    Lighting Designer
    Stage Manager
    Sound Designer
    Assistant Producer
    Publicity Designer