Dead Air
    By Michael Christie

    21:30, Tue 1st – Sat 5th February 2011 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 2

    New Writing by Michael Christie Week 2 Late show - Corpus Playroom

    'Two brothers, on holiday with their mother in Germany, are shocked to realise their mum has died on a park bench. Dennis is distraught, but Michael sees the real issue: if she dies while abroad, the brothers lose their inheritance. If they can smuggle her body home, they can beat the lawyers and keep the money. They soon find out that escorting a corpse around Berlin and across the English channel isn't easy. In this outrageous black comedy about death and money, you can expect misguided attempts at tact, sibling rivalry and prolonged messing around with an electric wheelchair.'

    The play is a Pinteresque black comedy about two bickering brothers, one daft and the other conniving, which mixes darker elements about power dynamics and death with slapstick and farce involving their mother's dead body (which periodically reanimates to haunt them) and the ways in which they transport it.


    Shopkeeper / Bill + Ben / Taxi Driver

    Production Team