Liam Williams' Stand Up Show with support from Dannish Babar and Phil Wang
    By Liam Williams, Phil Wang, Dannish Babar

    23:00, Tue 18th January 2011 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 0

    Footlights alumnus and Wolfson Howler regular Liam Williams returns to the ADC to perform stand up comedy. He is joined by current Footlights Phil Wang (Chortle Student Comedian of the Year 2010) and Dannish Babar to present this piece of gentle late-night art brut. The show will strive to be both 'modish' and 'good'.

    Some quotes and noun phrases to convince you of the performers' collective credibility:

    Liam Williams So You Think You're Funny?' Runner Up 2010, 'Amused Moose Laugh Off' Runner Up 2010 "There's something irresistible about Liam Williams... such a charismatic performer" (Tab) "Great voice, smart gags and a great sense of being right in the moment" (Chortle)

    Dannish Babar "Stunning character, originality, confidence... had the crowd captivated" (Varsity) "An unattractive man who did a slow stand-up routine" (Cherwell, Oxford)

    Phil Wang "A skilful and hilarious individual" (Varsity)


    Production Team

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