Paradise Lost
    By John Milton

    13:00, Tue 21st June 2011 - Thu 23rd June 2011 at Sidney Sussex College
    Easter May Week

    "Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven..."

    Milton’s epic tale, tracking the fall of Satan to Man’s first disobedience, is brought to life in a highly creative promenade production, venturing through the grounds and gardens of Sidney Sussex College. Prepare to be thrown into unendurable darkness, brush shoulders with Satan’s fallen army, and relive Mankind’s last moments of Paradise.


    Beelzebub -
    Belial/Michael -
    Ramiel/Zephon -
    Sin/Raphael -
    Eve -
    Moloch/Ithuriel -
    Mammon/Gabriel -

    Production Team

    Stage Manager - ,
    Costume Designer -