By Ionesco, translated by Martin Crimp

    13:00, Sat 18th June 2011 - Tue 21st June 2011 at Pembroke College, Red Lawns
    Easter Week 7 to May Week

    When a rhinoceros charges across the town square one afternoon, Berenger doesn't bat an eyelid and attempts to carry on with life as usual. Soon, however, rhinoceroses are popping up everywhere and Berenger's whole world begins to unravel. In 'Rhinoceros', a landmark piece of French absurdist comedy, Ionesco dares us to resist temptation in the face of conformity and cling on to our humanity...even when everyone else is going rhino...

    JEAN: Instead of squandering all your spare money on drink, isn't it better to buy a ticket for an interesting play? Do you know anything about the avant-garde theatre there's so much talk about? Have you seen Ionesco's plays?

    BERENGER: Unfortunately, no. I've only heard people talk about them. (...)


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