The House We Grew Up In
    By Josh Coles-Riley

    19:45, Fri 4th March 2011 - Sat 5th March 2011 at Judith E. Wilson Drama Studio
    Lent Week 6

    Clare Actors presents THE HOUSE WE GREW UP IN By Josh Coles-Riley. The MARLOWE SOCIETY COMPETITION WINNER: "It is 1965, and Simon Vaughan has arrived at Capel Celyn to visit the Lloyd Family, who he stayed with as an evacuee during the war. The village is about to be drowned to create a reservoir in the Tryweryn Valley, and it is Simon's last chance to return to the place he lived in at the end of his childhood. But there are tragic secrets buried in the past, and Simon's arrival stirs up painful memories of those last few months in 1945 - and of Rhiannon Lloyd, who gave him his first experiences of love, sex...and death. The House We Grew Up In is a play about memory, identity and the times that change us."


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