By Trevor Griffiths

    19:00, Tue 1st May 2012 - Sat 5th May 2012 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 1

    ‘A true joke, a comedian's joke, has to do more than release tension, it has to liberate the will and the desire, it has to change the situation.’

    Manchester, 1975. A small classroom bristles with excitement as a group of aspiring comedians prepare for a night of standup that could change their lives.

    In the crowd will be Bert Challenor, representative of the Comedy Federation. If they get the laughs, they get the contract. But at whose expense?

    ‘Most comics feed prejudice, but the best ones make them clearer to see – easier to deal with.’


    Eddie Waters -
    Bert Challoner -
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    Mr Patel -
    Sammy Samuels -

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