Hay Fever
    By Noël Coward

    19:00, Tue 20th November 2012 - Sat 24th November 2012 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 7

    The comfortable Berkshire home of the Bliss family is playing host to a tragedy this summer. Unbeknownst to the rest, all four members have invited separate guests to stay for the same quiet weekend! The calm atmosphere had better brace itself, for the Bliss family may not be as peaceful by nature as by name...

    Watch as the unfortunate callers suffer humiliation and ridicule at the hands of their eccentric hosts, whose self-dramatising and outlandish behaviour turns a quiet weekend into a raucous menagerie of squabbling, rudeness and the outright ridiculous.

    A comedy with the greatest taste in bad manners, catching Hay Fever in the heart of winter is sure to have you spluttering in your seat long after the final curtain.


    Production Team