It's Complicated
    By Daniel Henry Kaes

    21:30, Tue 12th June 2012 - Sat 16th June 2012 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 7

    Daniel wants a relationship. Not just any relationship; a long-distance one. All the psychological perks, something exotic and exciting, without the socially awkward situations. What could be better? Suddenly Daniel finds himself with two girlfriends: will he choose the perfect girl-next-door from the USA - sweet, funny and beautiful - or the Dutch one, who just lives closer? Surely he's not just another one of those womanisers (or 'sluts') that he and his female roommate criticise so much? Social networking might have brought the world closer together, but now it's too close for comfort and, what with his internal monologue as well, there are now too many voices competing to be heard. It's Complicated is a hilarious comedy, which was shortlisted for this year's Harry Porter Prize.


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