The Real Inspector Hound
    By Tom Stoppard

    19:30, Fri 23rd November 2012 - Sun 25th November 2012 at Friends of Peterhouse Theatre
    Michaelmas Week 7 to Week 8

    "I put it to you! - Are you the real Inspector Hound!?"

    Muldoon Manor, one morning in early spring. A dangerous madman is wandering the marshes, a mysterious but dashing stranger has arrived out of nowhere, and the fog is starting to roll in...

    Moon and Birdboot, two theatre critics, are watching this country house mystery, hoping for their break on the reviewing scene. It's not long, however, before they become rather more involved in the play - and it's actors - than they may have counted on.

    Both a farcical parody of the drawing room murder mystery genre, and a satire on the theatre critique industry, 'The Real Inspector Hound' is an absurdist comedy with a dark twist even the characters don't see coming.


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