By Ann Henning Jocelyn

    19:45, Thu 3rd – Fri 4th October 2013 at ADC Theatre
    Summer Vacation

    Doonreagan explores the doomed relationship between Poet Laureate Ted Hughes and Assia Wevill during their brief but intense spell in Connemara, Ireland. It reflects their efforts to establish a common ground free from the towering shadow of Ted's first wife, Sylvia Plath (American poet); their longing for peace and contentment; and their discovery that, close to nature, away from the judgments, pressures, demands and expectations of the world at large, they came closer not only to each other, but also to themselves.

    This is the world premiere of a new play by Ann Henning Jocelyn, known for her translations of Jon Fosse's work. The play is directed by award-winning New York director Alex Dmitriev. The cast includes Flora Montgomery (Best Irish Actress Award, Basic Instinct 2) and Daniel Simpson (London Road, National Theatre).


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