By Rhianna Frost, Caitlin Derham and Ciaran Chillingworth

    19:30, Thu 7th – Sun 10th February 2013 at Homerton Auditorium
    Lent Week 3 to Week 4

    Two pieces of new writing encouraging experimentation regarding characterisation, physicality and staging.

    'Medea' by Rhianna Frost and Caitlin Derham

    "This tainted filth, this broken doll. China on the floor at his feet, but the voice-box still in one piece, crying out for a love strong enough to heal."

    An exploration of the inner psyche of one very complicated female, inspired by the works of Euripides, Tenessee Williams and Sarah Kane.

    'Visiting' by Ciaran Chillingworth

    A man arrives at an address written on a note he found on his desk. He assumes he is supposed to be looking for something or someone but all he finds is a brother and sister doing the washing, who, aside from a few references to an unknown crying girl, seem intent on making his job as difficult as possible...

    ‘Visiting’ is a new play that explores the tensions between characters caught up in the oddities and uncertainties of daily routine.

    "Hollow. Empty. Thud. The voices call to me"

    "On the basis of tonight’s deeply odd extract, I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of her [Frost's] work on the Corpus stage in future." - Hatch Round-up, The Cambridge Student


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