By Mollie Wintle

    21:30, Tue 26th November 2013 - Sat 30th November 2013 at Corpus Playroom
    Michaelmas Week 7

    It's Martha's wedding day and 3/4 of the household are happy about it. There's only one more day to get through, one more day before she and Jack can jet off to Mozambique together, Bollywood-style. But two family members are missing: Sophie and Freya. The two girls wait it out upstairs in a haven of their own, but as the morning stretches on, questions begin to surface. Why is Sophie refusing to talk to Marian? What's the meaning behind Freya's final art piece? And who exactly is Uncle Paul related to? Come find the answers in Jitters, a comical new play making its debut at the Corpus Playroom.


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