PICK ME UP - A Sketch Show
By Lowell Belfield, Jason Forbes, Ryan O'Sullivan, George Potts, & Ahir Shah

11:00pm, Wed 12th June 2013 - Sat 15th June 2013, at ADC Theatre
12:00am, Fri 2nd August 2013 - Wed 28th August 2013, at The Caves, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Easter Week 7 to Summer Vacation

Lowell Belfield, Jason Forbes, George Potts, and Ryan O’Sullivan return with PICK ME UP, the five-star, sell-out sketch comedy directed by Ahir Shah. First performed at the ADC Theatre in January 2012, PICK ME UP has since been revamped, redrafted and redressed ahead of the 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The result is a newer, tighter and even funnier collection of comic concoctions than these former Cambridge Footlights have ever produced.

“PICK ME UP is a carefully crafted, intelligently conceived and brilliantly executed piece of comedy.” - The Tab ★★★★★

“Ingenious.” - CTR ★★★★★

“If you miss it, you’re an idiot.” - Varsity ★★★★★

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