Girton College Chamber Music Scheme and Girton Opera present...

    The Rape of Lucretia
    By Benjamin Britten

    20:00, Wed 13th March 2013 at Old Hall, Girton College
    20:00, Thu 14th March 2013 at Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens' College
    Lent Week 8

    It is the year 500 BC. Rome is at war. In an army camp on the outskirts of the city, the Generals Collatinus and Junius have been drinking with the Etruscan Prince of Rome, Tarquinius. But whilst the men fight and drink, what are their wives up to? Earlier, some soldiers had been sent back to Rome to see whose wife had remained the most faithful, with disastrous results. Now as wine flows and tempers rise, the resentment towards Collatinus, the only one whose wife was loyal, begins to boil over. Collatinus' chaste and beautiful Lucretia is more of a temptation than the hot-blooded Tarquinius can stand. What follows is the deeply disturbing psychological portrait of Lucretia's downfall.

    Double-Olivier award winning actress Samantha Spiro and Britten scholar and broadcaster Dr Kate Kennedy have come together to direct "The Rape of Lucretia" with a thrilling ensemble of Cambridge University's most talented young singers and musicians.


    Female Chorus -
    Male Chorus -
    Tarquinius -
    Lucretia -
    Collatinus -
    Junius -


    Violin 1 -
    Bass -
    Bassoon -
    Percussion -
    Piano -
    Violin 2 -
    Harp -
    Clarinet -
    Oboe -

    Production Team

    Conductor/MD -
    Director -
    Co-Director -
    Assistant MD -
    Stage Manager -
    Producer -
    Costume Designer -
    Technical Director -
    Lighting Designer -
    Publicist -
    Hair and makeup designer -
    Stage Crew -
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