By Neil Harrison

    20:00, Thu 14th March 2013 at Wolfson Hall, Churchill College
    Lent Week 8

    The Churchill College Freshers Play 2013 is 'whodidit?' by Neil Harrison. A Hilarious parody of the detective novel, containing 17 characters, played by 5 cast members. With no set and most props being imaginary, the play is heavily reliant on effects and mime to bring the story to life. Who has been killing the family and staff of Tom Darling? its the job of the Inspector to find out, but does he have the competence? Featuring a Myriad of eccentric characters, including a wheelchair bound octogenarian, an invisible professor and a seemingly murderous psychopath, 'whodidit' ensures to be the highlight of the term for Churchill College.


    Laura Scribbles -
    Mary Darling -
    Able Bonecrusher -
    Constable Smart -
    Uncle -
    Tom Darling -
    Detective Inspector -
    Mrs Meals -
    Young Danny Travis -
    Susan Daguerreotype -
    Jeanie Skakles -
    Professor Michael Headache -
    Tom Darling Jnr. -

    Production Team

    Producer -
    Director -
    Lighting Technician -
    Director -
    Sound Technician -
    Sound Designer -