Murder in the Cathedral
    By T.S. Eliot

    19:30, Fri 21st – Sat 22nd February 2014 at St Catharine's College Chapel
    Lent Week 5

    'When you come to the point, it does go against the grain to kill an Archbishop, especially when you have been brought up in good Church traditions. So if we seemed a bit rowdy, you'll understand why it was; and for my part I am awfully sorry about it.' We are looking for male and female actors to fill a large number of roles- big and small- in T.S. Eliot's gripping portrayal of the murder of Thomas Becket. That is, of course, if you can call it a murder... Don't miss the chance to perform this excellent play in the eerily intense acoustics and close marble floored grandeur of St.Catharine's College Chapel. No prior acting experience necessary, so all are welcome.


    Thomas Beckett
    1st Priest
    2nd Priest
    3rd Priest
    Knight/ Tempter

    Production Team

    Musical Director