Round and Round
    By Hannah Greenstreet

    20:00, Fri 2nd May 2014 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
    Easter Week 1

    “The next stop is coming up. I am going to get up and I am going to get off. And you are not going to stop me.”

    Clive’s trip home on the night bus takes a disturbing turn when nineteen year old May sits down next to him. She calls him a pervert. He misses his stop. As they travel together to the end of the route, Clive and May learn more about each other than they had bargained for. Round and Round, a new play by Hannah Greenstreet, tests whether a chance encounter can lead to a real connection, or whether it can lead to something worse.

    This rehearsed reading is part of the Papercuts series.



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