COGGLES - Beowulf: Everything's Gonna Beolright
    By J.P. Lipson

    00:00, Thu 28th May – Sun 7th June 2015 at Various old people's homes and mental health hospitals around Cambridge
    14:00, Sat 20th June 2015 at The GLR, Hughes Hall
    Easter Week 5 to May Week

    COGGLES - The Cambridge Old Graduates and Graduands Light Entertainment Society is putting on a humorous 1 hour play which we take to old people's homes. We are taking theatre to those who do not normally get a chance to see it, and we have even written the play as well.

    Beowulf: Everything's Gonna Beolright - It even has a dragon in it!

    How it works? This is a show designed for GRADUATES, PhD STUDENTS, and anyone else (including some undergrads as well!) in Cambridge who are not doing exams in the last week of May and first week of June. All rehearsals and shows will be either in the evening, or at weekends, and there will be an easy, chilled-out rehearsal schedule (with hopefully plenty of pub-meets after them as well!). Anyone is welcome to audition, and we will try and take as many people as possible (as we have written the show, we can always add in more parts).

    Where do we perform? We perform at old people homes, particularly in those where they would struggle to get to a theatre to see a show. They really do enjoy it - last year we went to Fulbourn Hospital, Epworth Court, PHAB and Ditton Court. All these shows will again be at work-friendly times of evenings and weekends. We also then in May Week (on the last Saturday) put on a student show, where all our friends and families come and see it.

    We would love you to join us, and no experience is needed.


    Peasant 3
    Peasant 5
    Geat 1
    Geat 2
    Geat 3
    Geat 4
    Grendel's mother
    Peasant 1
    Peasant 2
    Peasant 4

    Production Team

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