Picasso Stole the Mona Lisa
By Jamie Fenton

20:50, Sun 16th – Mon 31st August 2015 at C Nova
Summer Vacation

A new farce of dark comedy and pamplemousses set in the sexy, cloak and dagger world of Art History. It's 19--, and the fashion for using dashes to indicate a vague date is taking Paris by storm. Everyone becomes very, very confused when Pablo Picasso and Guillaume Apollinaire are arrested for the recent theft of the Mona Lisa (this is almost a history fact). Can they prove their innocence? Can they persuade their next door neighbour that they are not having an affair with his wife? And, most importantly, can they find the right word to describe the Mona Lisa's smile? Find out in this one-door tragi-farce, the latest product from the invent-a-genre warehouse.


Pablo Picasso
Madame Olivier
Guillaume Apollinaire
Monsieur Olivier

Production Team

Assistant Producer
Writer, Producer –
Sound Designer
Publicity Designer
Assistant Director