TBC presents...

    By Colin Rothwell

    21:30, Mon 20th April 2015 - Wed 22nd April 2015 at Corpus Playroom
    Easter Week 0

    A new comedy by Colin Rothwell (Cambridge Impronauts, various acting nonsense). It is 1562, and the Holy Roman Emperor is dead. As is traditional, the Prince Electors are convened to elect a new Emperor.

    It’s just that for once, the Prince Electors aren’t quite what you might expect. There’s King Ferdinand of Bohemia, he’s a traditional choice. Margrave Franz of Brandeburg, a little young, but nothing too much out of the ordinary. But Duke Frank of Saxony, at 10, is a lot young, and certainly shouldn't be refusing a regent. And finally, there’s Count Palatine Frederick of the Rhine. For the first time in history, a woman.

    Who in Christendom is up to the job of leading the Empire through this troubled time? Will the Prince Electors manage to pick the right candidate? And what, exactly, does the Pope have to say about all this?


    King Ferdinand of Bohemia -
    Count Palatine Frederick of the Rhine -
    Margrave Franz of Brandenburg -
    Duke Frank of Saxony -
    Cardinal Ponitificate/Peasant -
    Peasant/Otto the Fat -

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