1TQ presents...

    The Invention of Love
    By Tom Stoppard

    19:30, Wed 4th February 2015 - Sat 7th February 2015 at Trinity College Old Combination Room
    Lent Week 3

    Tom Stoppard's critically acclaimed play traces the life of A. E. Housman: poet, classical scholar, and erstwhile fellow of Trinity College. From Oxford to the Underworld, via UCL, Stoppard's "heartbreaking joke" (Sunday Times) presents not only Housman himself - alive and dead - but the context for Housman's love of classics and homosexuality, with appearances from Ruskin, Walter Pater, Jerome K. Jerome and Oscar Wilde.

    "You think there is an answer: the lost autograph copy of life's meaning, which we might recover from the corruptions that made it nonsense. But if there is no such copy, really and truly there is no answer"

    "Oh, Mo! Mo! I would have died for you but I never had the luck!"


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