The Polis
By Various

20:30, Mon 2nd March 2015 at ADC Theatre (Bar)
Lent Week 7

The Polis is back. Join us in an evening of short political performances in the ADC Bar, where we ask: is all politics theatrical, is all theatre political?

short plays // monologues // spoken word poetry // verbatim theatre // satire // songs

“Art is not a mirror held up to reality, but a hammer with which to shape it.” - Brecht

Previous praise:

"The Polis was rough and ready, but therein lay its beauty...In the intimate and informal setting of the ADC bar, this one-night-only performance provided a powerful platform for a critique of modern politics through multiple perspectives" - **** Varsity

"..never let the audience forget the fact that it was a play because of the overlap between the stage and the audience" - TCS

"amusing, witty and an enjoyable way to spend an evening" - Tab