Yaseen Kader And Ken Cheng Are Joke Thieves
    By Yaseen Kader and Ken Cheng

    23:00, Fri 19th June 2015 at ADC Theatre
    Easter May Week

    Yaseen Kader ("Smile") and Ken Cheng ("The Mark Liu Story") present Joke Thieves: an hour of stand-up comedy with a twist. Ken and Yaseen have stolen a half hour of each other's material and placed their own spin on it. Is a stand up set too personal to succeed if someone else is performing it? Find out. You may have seen these performers in The Witt Club, Smile, Three White Guys and many college gigs around Cambridge.

    Previous praise for performers:

    "Brilliant quips" - TCS
    "Master of metacomedy" - Tab
    "thought-provoking, exquisitely written" - Varsity
    "Artistic gold" - TCS
    "overwhelmingly endearing and natural" - Varsity


    Ken Cheng
    Yaseen Kader

    Production Team

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