Hay Fever
    By Noël Coward

    19:30, Thu 25th – Sat 27th February 2016 at Howard Theatre, Downing College
    Lent Week 6

    'You're a divinely mad family!'

    The Blisses live in the countryside, and they love inviting people over for the weekend - only this time they haven't told each other! The house is soon crowded with friends and lovers who, as they start arriving and meeting each other, realise just how crazy and melodramatic The Bliss family can get.

    Join the glamourous Judith Bliss and her eccentric family for an awkward, confusing and hilarious soirée at their home. This 1920s farce will surely have you in stitches!


    Judith Bliss
    Sorel Bliss
    Simon Bliss
    David Bliss
    Sandy Tyrrell
    Richard Greatham
    Myra Arundel
    Jackie Coryton


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