Ken Cheng: Chinese Comedian
    By Ken Cheng

    23:00, Tue 26th January 2016 at ADC Theatre
    Lent Week 2

    This is a stand-up comedy show from Ken Cheng, a Cambridge University ex-mathematician dropout and professional poker player. He has also reached Diamond 2 in ranked League of Legends.

    He is a BBC: a British-born Chinese, not to be confused with the more common usage of that acronym. Speaking of which, he is also a finalist in the BBC Radio New Comedy Award.

    Come see this solo show from the director of Love Handles: The 2015 Footlights Tour Show, where he will make you literally wet yourself.

    Previous praise includes:

    "brilliant quips" - TCS
    "master of metacomedy" - Tab
    "most original material of the night" - Tab
    "a perfect end to a bizarre evening" - Varsity


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