Cambridge Experimental and Moving Poets (Charlotte/Berlin) present...

    Krapp's Last Tape [+ movements]
    By Samuel Beckett [+ devised]

    21:30, Wed 17th – Fri 19th February 2016 at The Round Church
    Lent Week 5

    Cambridge Experimental with Moving Poets (Charlotte/Berlin) presents:

    Krapp’s Last Tape. An ageing banana eating man reflects on his life as he attempts to record and respond to the years passed, falling into despair and melancholy in realisation of the passage of time.

    [+ movements]. A devised physical theatre performance patterned in fragments of everyday actions, complemented by music created by a Cambridge composer, which together explores the repetitions and circularity of life.

    Combining the bleak sentimentality of Beckett and the formalist patterning of [+ movements] in addition to the atmosphere of the 12th century Round Church, this production seeks to both stay true to but also develop that which Beckett achieves, pushing the audience to reconsider thoughts in relation to youth, memory and the patterns of life.


    Production Team

    Co-Director ,
    Musical Director / Composer –