By Bekzhan Sarsenbay

    09:00, Fri 11th March 2016 - Sun 13th March 2016 Venue to be confirmed
    Lent Week 8 to Week 9

    Prelude is a new political short film, written and directed by Bekzhan Sarsenbayev, and produced by Hugh Granger, Niamh Sauter-Cooke and Jack Wearing, in collaboration with Cinecam, the Cambridge University Filmmaking Society.

    The film takes place in a popular theatre under curfew as a revolution rages on in the streets. Actors, production designers and administrators all wait for the power struggle to end, and scramble to secure their safety in the aftermath.


    Marisa -
    Vasily -
    Lydia -
    Sergei -
    Cellist #1 -
    Cellist #2 -
    Cellist #3 -
    Trumpeter -
    Violinist -
    Clarinettist -
    Danil -
    Anjelika -

    Production Team

    Assistant Production Designer -
    Director of Photography -
    Assistant Director -
    Script Supervisor -
    Production Assistant - ,
    Production Designer -
    Production Assistant -
    Camera Operator -
    Director -