The Misanthrope
    By Molière

    14:00, Wed 15th June 2016 - Fri 17th June 2016 at Clare College Gardens
    Easter Week 7

    Black rage comes over me, it makes me rave
    Seeing the dreadful way most men behave.
    There's not a walk of life where you don't meet
    flattery, injustice, selfishness, deceit.

    Meet Alceste. Alceste didn't get a ticket to John's. He missed out on Trinity too. In fact, his May Week's looking quite dull. Not that he'd mind. You see, all that pretension's not really his thing. Social climbing? Not interested. Quite frankly, the immorality of it all disgusts him. He's a bit of a miserable old git.

    So it's just a pity that he's fallen in love with Célimène. Ever-present socialite, notorious BNOC and general good laugh - she's everything Alceste most resents. And she's throwing a party. 14:00. Clare Gardens. You're all invited.

    Watch Molière's savage satire of 17th-century Parisian high-society pretension and hypocrisy transposed to May Week. Featuring generous helpings of ball gowns, smartphones and Pimms, The Misanthrope mocks both the excesses of Cambridge, and those too self-righteous to join the celebrations.


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