Walnut Sanchez and the Macaroni Saga
By Raphael Wakefield, John Tothill

3:55pm, Thu 4th August 2016 - Sun 28th August 2016, at Just the Tonic at the Caves - Just the Fancy Room
Summer Vacation

The last time Detective James Macaroni saw the evil drug baron Walnut Sanchez, it was at the centre of the earth.

Years later, in a town full of cops who don’t play by the rules, Macaroni’s obsessive respect for due process makes him the greatest maverick of all… Still haunted by his past, investigates a spate of missing persons - but as the witnesses pile up, it seems all is not as it seems. Or so it seems…

Like a psychic at a salsa class, Sanchez is always one step ahead. Slowly, Macaroni meanders to redemption, but not before meeting a whole host of offbeat characters: a couple of country club toffs; a mad old lady hellbent on wasting police time; a charity worker with the unfortunate voice of an evil genius; and many, many more. It’s all quite weird. But we think you’ll like it.

Previous praise:
“Puns that melt your face” - CTR
“Fresh, original, and brilliantly self-aware” - Tab
***** - BroadwayBaby, EdFringeReview, Varsity


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