Churchill Freshers' Sketch show

07:30, Sun 26th February 2017 at Wolfson
Lent Week 6

The Fresher’s Sketch Show is all about break-ups. We all know Cambridge is a stressful place and most of us are struggling to get up in the morning, only to continue to scrape through our degrees. How then, could we possibly be expected to participate in a healthy relationship at the same time?

‘It’s not you, it’s me.’ – The classic cop-out line for when you realise you’ve lost the love you had for your partner, just like you lost the love for your subject in first term….

The Freshers will be performing a range of break up scenes from the weird to the slightly disturbing. Come and share in the break-down of college marriages, lab partners and German lovers. A show that provides a haven of relatability for everyone who has had a crappy RAG date or a dodgy tinder hook up; this is where Crushbridge came to die


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