Curriculum Vitae
    By Jenny O'Sullivan

    17:00, Fri 16th June 2017 at Howard Court Sunken Garden, Downing College
    Easter Week 7

    CURRICULUM VITAE is looking for two female/nb actors for a one-afternoon-stand at the Downing Dramatic Society garden party on June 16th!

    “It’s just the normal worries. Having a stable relationship, kids, cash, comfy house, cushy job...
    Sounds fucking terrifying.”

    Winner of the Downing Festival of New Writing 2017, CURRICULUM VITAE lasts only 15 minutes, which it turns out is just long enough to franticly run through all the hypothetical outcomes of your life in which you abandon the ideals of your youth in increasingly new and imaginative ways!

    Looking to fill the roles of the excitingly named ‘Person’ (the lead) and ‘Woman’, auditions will be held on Wednesday the 14th, 11am – 1pm in ADC dressing room 1, with flexible rehearsals over the following two days. Extracts on the door, email me at with any questions or for a look at the full script :)

    (As is true of life in general, northern accents are a bonus but not a must! )



    Production Team