Pity Laughs
    By Mark Bittlestone

    21:30, Mon 23rd January 2017 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 1

    In 2014 Mark Bittlestone Came Out As Gay, As If Being An Orphan Wasn't Funny Enough!!

    Which is worse? Losing both your parents in awful circumstances or being gay? Sadly, Mark Bittlestone doesn't have the luxury of choice. Join gay orphan Mark Bittlestone for an hour of laughs based on a lifetime of horrible tears.

    Of course, people with Mark's colossal misfortune need your help. Well...Mark doesn't, but he's acutely aware that others do. For this reason, all proceeds from 'Pity Laughs' will go to the charities Just Like Us and Cancer Research UK.

    "All the homosexuality of comedian Alan Carr with neither of the parents" - The Tab



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