Quickfire: Romance is Dead

20:00, Sun 12th February 2017 at ADC Theatre (Bar)
Lent Week 4


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
We're sick of Love
How about you?

Come to the bar
At 8PM sharp
We can help mend
All broken hearts

Come have a laugh
Come clear your head
Dont bring a date
Cuz Romance is DEAD

Join our Improvisational Gladiators as they once again take to the arena to battle for your amusement. For too long, the Cambridge Impronauts have been weaving tales together in relative peace and harmony. But now, things are getting personal as a crack team of Impronauts will go head to head, duelling through sketches, skit, and songs, all completely made up on the spot, for your applause!

There can be only one winner, but who will it be? And to what lengths will they need to go to win your approval? Come along to marvel at the magnificence and madness of the Cambridge Impronauts. You decide the winner. The power is in your hands...