Tristram Shandy: Live at London!
By Will Dalrymple

20:00, Tue 7th – Wed 8th November 2017 at OSO Theatre Barnes
Michaelmas Week 5

Tristram Shandy's sizzling autobiography, 'The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman', has been in print for 240 years. To celebrate, Tristram is touring the country, wowing audiences with a theatrical extravaganza which captures the scandal, wit and wisdom of this instant classic.

Join Tristram at the OSO Arts Theatre for an evening of theatre like no other and revel in the sex, the love, the lies and that bit where his thingy gets trapped in a window. Will Dalrymple's 'masterful' (The Tab) adaptation of Laurence Sterne's hilarious and groundbreaking novel takes you on a poignant and compelling tour through some of the life and many of the opinions of Britain's finest Tristram.

"Every scene in fact glitters with more wit than lesser shows muster in an hour"
1/2 Varsity
"Explosive, anarchic and all-together hilarious."
The Tab
"This riotous adaptation is best described as a cross between Bottom and Blackadder"

Torquay is still reeling.


Tristram Shandy
Walter Shandy
Elizabeth Shandy
Uncle Toby
Widow Wadman
Corporal Trim
Doctor Slop
The Midwife
Dr Maningham, The Curate

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