Cambridge Shorts presents...

    The Cyclists (Short Film)
    By Alannah Lewis

    12:00, Fri 15th – Mon 18th June 2018 Venue to be confirmed
    Easter Week 7 to May Week

    Why do you think there are so many students in this town?

    Because they live here?

    Because they’re afraid to leave.

    Pat and Frances are on the run. From their responsibilities, that is. A day trip to Granchester to escape the bubble is the solution, and a definitely-maybe-probably legal one at that. At least that’s what they think, until they spot a group of cyclists on the horizon which may or may not be The University, coming to arrest them both for slacking off. Paranoia kicks in, friendships are put to the test, bicycle chains come unloose, and the lack of places to piss in the countryside becomes quickly apparent.

    “The Cyclists” is a short film which explores friendship, freedom and the claustrophobic nature of a life lived inside a bubble.



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