TEA INN presents...

Magnet Rose: Experience a Story with Tech and Art
By Joy Young

16:00, Wed 12th June 2019 - Fri 14th June 2019 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
Easter Week 7

Do you want to be one of the first to explore the future of art and entertainment? Do you want an experience that you will not get anywhere else? Magnet Rose is your answer. It is the first immersive narrative mixed-reality experience in the ADC Theatre, blending new-frontier technologies, installation art, special soundscapes, dynamic lighting designs, and interactive theatre performances, in a cinematic story setting. By becoming a character in the show, you will live in a surreal world of magnets and roses, exploring human feelings, dualities, attractions and love, in a linear narrative. A universal story, the show's messages also speak about gender equality and non-binary. With a rare combination of Eastern and Western aesthetics, technology and art, traditional and experimental storytelling, you will take home with one of the most unique memories with the shortest time spent.

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Get involved with Magnet Rose: Experience a Story with Tech and Art:

Auditions are being held at the times below – more details

  • Wed 1st May, 12:00–20:00, Christ's College Piano/Music Room (new court)
  • Wed 8th May, 12:00–20:00, Christ's College Piano/Music Room (new court)

For auditions contact Joy at by Sat 11th May, 00:59 – more details

We are looking for: • PRODUCER, • TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, • TECHNOLOGY DIRECTOR (coding/engineering background who has experience in any of the following field: VR, AR, robotics, machinery, wearable tech, drone, hologram), • STAGE MANAGER, • SET DESIGNER, • 3D Animation Artist, • COSTUME DESIGNER/MAKEUP/HAIR, • LIGHTING MANAGER, • SOUND MANAGER, • PUBLICITY MANAGER, • PHOTOGRAPHER and • VIDEOGRAPHER – more details

Produce/Manage the 1st Interactive Art-Tech Show! – more details


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