Pembroke Players Freshers Play: Madame Bovary
    By Martha French

    21:30, Fri 29th – Sat 30th November 2019 at Pembroke New Cellars
    Michaelmas Week 7

    "It’s almost as if everything before then was a big dark nothingness, that I emerged out of nowhere, rosy-cheeked and ready for marriage on page 26"

    Madame Bovary is a tragic tale of the loss of a woman's agency through marriage and motherhood in 19th century France. In this one-woman show, the narrative is recast for the first time with a distinct focus on the female voice.

    Come and see Flaubert's classic novel retold from Emma's own perspective, in a world in which the vocalisation of female suffering has never been more valuable, necessary or important.


    Charles, Priest, Chairman, Chemist's Son, Guillamin, Doctor Y
    Leon, Rodolphe, Chemist, Lheureux, Doctor X
    Maid, Madame Bovary Senior, Hippolyte's Wife

    Production Team

    Publicity Designer
    Script Advisor –
    Lighting Designer
    Sound Operator –