Peterhouse May Week Play: Timon of Athens
    By William Shakespeare

    14:00, Sat 15th June 2019 at Peterhouse Deer Park
    14:00, Sun 16th June 2019 at Peterhouse Deer Park
    Easter Week 7 to May Week

    Peterhouse's annual Shakespeare production during May Week. Set in the idyllic Peterhouse Deer Park.

    Timon of Athens is a nobleman, a benefactor and a socialite, a man who throws extravagant parties and generously supports a wide network of friends, tradesmen and artists. But when the debts are called in, his ‘friends’ turn cold and his life spirals out of his control. Everything he thought he could count on is eroded beneath him.

    One of Shakespeare’s lesser-known plays, this production hopes to revive a more unusual work and bring something fresh to the Cambridge Shakespeare scene.


    Apemantus -
    Alcibiades -
    Flavius -
    Painter/Fool/Lucius the second servant -
    Jeweller/Caphis/Timandra/Lucilius the first servant/Sempronius/Senator -
    Poet/Philotus, servant of Varro -
    Senator/Lord -
    Merchant/Ventidius/Hortensius/servant of Isadore -

    Production Team

    Director -
    Assistant Director -
    Producer -
    Publicity Designer -
    Associate Director -
    Costume Designer -
    Dramaturg -
    Props Designer -