Role Play
    By James P Mannion

    19:00, Tue 23rd – Sat 27th July 2019 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
    Summer Vacation

    'Darling. What's my name?'

    John and Claire Cunningham are an average couple: married for years, they’re stuck in a rut, with only experimentation seeming to hold the key to invigoration. Except, those aren’t their real names, and over time the line between reality and fiction has become blurred to the extent that neither really knows where the games end and their actual lives begin. What began as an attempt to inject some much-needed excitement into their lives has led to a crisis of identity from which neither seems able to awaken, and as their lies become more and more elaborate, they start to threaten the world outside of the relationship, with potentially criminal repercussions.

    From playwright James P Mannion (Hedgehogs & Porcupines, Old Red Lion, 2018) comes this story of thrill-seeking and delusion, self-deception and the breakdown of trust.

    Role Play is one of six original one-act plays that make up the WRiTEON Festival, a celebration of new writing across all three ADC venues: the ADC Auditorium, the Corpus Playroom, and the Larkum Studio. This unique collection spans genres, themes and styles. Dip in or complete the set for the full experience.



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