Angela Channell: Search History

    21:30, Mon 13th January 2020 at Corpus Playroom
    Lent Week 0

    We all know that the MI5 man watching us through our webcams knows everything about us. Angela Channell has just one question: "is he judging me?". With a search history that ranges from WebMD to Mumsnet to "song that goes ba da ba da baa", she's not quite sure all this monitoring is worth his time.

    Stumbling through a world where privacy means nothing, join the Cambridge Footlight as she drags out the deepest, darkest corners of her online activity in front of a live audience.

    "Truly hilarious" - The Young Perspective
    "Real flares of comic genius that will leave you crying with laughter" - The Tab
    "Is most receptive to our targeted ads at 3am on Tuesdays" - Mark Zuckerberg, probably



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