No Dawn (short film)
    By Joe Wills

    10:00, Sat 1st February – Sun 1st March 2020 Venue to be confirmed
    Lent Week 2 to Week 7

    No Dawn is a speculative mystery set in a catastrophic future, combining drama with soundscapes and montage, which asks questions about what it means to exist in the face of impending ecological catastrophe.
    Two childhood friends meet improbably on the eve of environmental and social collapse. They are 100 miles inland and downriver from their birthplace, a coastal village with a dark and secret past now beset by strange phenomena. They are drawn together by their shared past in this village, and in particular by the vague memory of a day on the beach. Over the course of one afternoon, they try to remember what happened on the beach in a desperate attempt to understand their present situations.


    Production Team

    Assistant Director
    Co-producer ,
    Cinematographer –