A Type of Christ

    14:00, Sat 12th March 2022 at Jesus College
    Lent Week 7

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    We are dealing with the Bible here, so things predictably get quite violent. Content warnings as follows: death of children and violence against children, genocidal flood that wipes out most of the world, death of Christ.

    A medieval mystery play is really a smaller series of plays dramatising Bible stories, from Noah’s ark to Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. They’re a much-loved tradition in many English cities, and they can also include musical and dance elements. Although they are very connected to Christianity, parts of them use humour or creative licence to reinterpret aspects of the Bible, so you don’t need to belong to any religious tradition to enjoy it!

    We're reviving an old Jesus College tradition, and we’re going to be using the modernised scripts - don’t worry, it won’t be performed in fourteenth-century English. Additionally, every new production of the mystery plays brings its own interpretation of the Bible to the table, and ours will be focusing on the themes of fellowship, motherhood and sacrifice. The play will be performed in Jesus, moving around different venues within the college.


    Isaac; Jesus
    Abraham; Peter; Crucifixion Soldier
    Sem's Wife; Mother of Innocent; Mary Magdalene
    Mother Noah; Mary, mother of Jesus; Mary Salome
    Ham's Wife; Mother of Innocent; The Devil; Crucifixion Soldier
    Angel; Gabriel
    Noah; Soldier
    Japhet; Crucifixion Soldier; Pilate
    Ham; King; Angel
    Sem; Innkeeper; Messenger; Preco
    Crucifixion Soldier
    God; Servant; Mary Jacobi
    Holy Spirit

    Production Team

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    Publicity Officer – ,
    Musical Director