Horrible Herstories: Edinburgh Fringe Edition

    22:00, Thu 4th – Sat 27th August 2022 at Greenside@Nicolson Square
    Summer Vacation

    OI! YOU! Think you know your history? Well you’ve got it all wrong, buster! Let us show you how things REALLY were - Churchill? Abe Lincoln? Guy Fawkes? BORING! Who you really want to know about is Janice, the village witch of Bognor Regis. Or Petunia, the true author of the Bible? Or perhaps if Queen Liz the first was really short for Lizard? For the answers to all this and more, come to Horrible Herstories, where the women of history set the record straight!

    Horrible Herstories recently went to Durham ComedyFest hosted by the Durham Revue at the Gala Theatre, and was received with rave reviews: “This talented team created original and fresh sketches. In a run of solid sketches, with seamless transitions – The Footlights made the laughs they were getting appear effortless… all I could hear in the loos at the interval were raves about the Tampax sketch – the success of this sketch was no surprise, as, after their particularly strong run, the Footlights proved that “these girls CERTAINLY can”.


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