Bella Ridgwell


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  • Horrible Herstories: Edinburgh Fringe Edition – Writer/Performer

    22:00, Thu 4th – Sat 27th August 2022 at Greenside@Nicolson Square

    OI! YOU! Think you know your history? Well you’ve got it all wrong, buster! Let us show you how things REALLY were - Churchill? Abe Lincoln? Guy Fawkes? BORING! Who you really want to know about is Jani…

  • Bug – Director

    19:00, Tue 25th – Sat 29th October 2022 at Corpus Playroom

    “Do you see it? You see the bug? It’s feeding. It’s feeding off my blood.”

    In a motel room in Midwestern America, Agnes is looking for comfort beyond her next fix. She finds it in local drifter Peter,…


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