Losing Game
    By Gaia Mondadori

    19:30, Mon 13th – Wed 15th June 2022 at The Portland Arms
    Easter Week 7

    Content warning (may contain spoilers) Click to expandClick to close
    Depiction of Blood
    Discussion of Death
    Mentions of suicide
    Depictions of Violence

    “I guess a part of me wanted to feel in love again. I wanted to feel something again. So when we met at the audition, and you said there was a play about love, I thought why not?”
    losing game is a piece of new writing by Gaia Mondadori, exploring the wonderfully electrocuting intensity of love and the destructive desperation to be loved.
    It tells the story of Jack and Mona, two actors who are cast as lovers in a play. As the rehearsals of the play progress and the worlds of the play and reality blur, we begin to question who it is we fall in love with when we fall in love? Who wins in love? Do we choose to believe in love or are we fooled?

    “I need to believe you less. Remember, you’re both lying to each other.”

    “Play as if you’ve got nothing to lose, apart from each other.”

    “love can be an experience just like going to the theatre; and then it’s over. You know. They’re both their own mini worlds apart from the real world.”

    Losing game is a wonderful piece of new writing coming to the Portland Arms, Cambridge 13th-15th June. It is a brilliant opportunity to be part of a semi-professional company and learn in a non-student venue. We are hoping to build a lovely enthusiastic collaborative team who are ready to get creative


    Production Team