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    By Rebekah King

    20:00, Wed 2nd – Sat 5th March 2022 at ADC Theatre (Larkum Studio)
    Lent Week 6

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    The play contains references to many different kinds of disturbing internet content like images of abuse, animal cruelty, extremism, violence and suicide, though none of these are described in detail or depicted on the stage. Trauma is a central theme and one nightmare sequence involves the suggestion of bodily harm.

    Multi award winning play Moderation tells the story of two ex-social media moderators who meet again years after quitting their job when one decides to sue the company that exposed them to the traumatic material which left both with different psychological scars. For one of them, who has become unable to touch the ground, the prospect of digging up the past has little appeal. For the other, whose drinking led to a head injury that has damaged their ability to remember things, reconstructing what happened seems like the only way to heal. Based on real accounts, Moderation reveals the true impact of watching the worst things on the internet for a living.

    The play won this year’s CUADC Playwriting Competition, winning £200 and a run in the Larkum Studio. It was also co-winner of this year’s Cambridge Creatives Playwriting Competition, which was judged by industry professionals Sally Abbott, Luke Barnes, and Alexis Zegerman.


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