The Mysterious Mystery of the Missing Mistress
    By Zac Copeland-Greene

    19:30, Sun 9th October 2022 at Girton College Old Hall
    Michaelmas Week 1

    From the mind of Zac Copeland-Greene, comes another attempt at “comedy” and “gripping Girton-based drama”, with a few musical parodies and all the old GADS tropes thrown in. Another year at Girton means another batch of Freshers ready to shake things up, but when the brand new Mistress fails to show up at the start of the new year our heroes find themselves tangled in a web of questions:
    Where is this New Mistress? What is the College Bursar plotting? And why does one of the Freshers’ Reps keep hanging out with them acting like they’re friends? Expect puns, dancing and an epic (read ‘frantic’) lip-synced bike ride into town.


    The Bursar
    The Mistress, Susan
    The Vice-Mistress, Boat Club Pres
    Alex, Cambridge Union Rep
    Nerd, IT Officer

    Production Team

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