It's OK, I Still Think You're Great
    By Raffaella Sero

    19:30, Thu 16th – Sat 18th November 2023 at Fitzpatrick Hall
    Michaelmas Week 6

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    mental health, passing mentions of eating disorders, xenophobia, homophobia

    Being in your twenties is the best! If you stop acting like you’re having fun all of the time. (Or, like, at all.)

    It’s Tibby’s twenty-fifth birthday and she is throwing a big party: after years, her friends from uni are coming together — and they are all doing better than her. All except Ginevra, Tibby’s best friend; too bad the two have barely kept in touch since Gin moved back to Italy. When she finally decides to visit the shabby flat she and Tibby used to share, tensions between the two friends become impossible to hide. Especially from Anika, Tibby’s new housemate with the perfect job, the perfect girlfriend, the perfect yoga outfits. As the three prepare for Tibby’s party, feelings get untangled, secrets revealed, and rejection emails — inevitably, relentlessly — opened.

    What do you mean, So what? So I’m rapidly decomposing. So I’m running out of youth. So the radiant expectations of my early years have come to no fruition —

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